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Welcome to bkit

We've come up with a solution for you to have access to your business partners on your smartphone. We are saying no to the paper wasted on business cards and to how hard it is to find the right one when you need it. You only need to scan your future partener’s bkit code and that’s it!
Call, send emails and text with just a few clicks.
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Fast access

How would it be to have a bag full of business cards with you every day? With bkit you'll have access to your contacts on your smartphone.

Easy actions

You no longer need to search through all of the printed cards you have for a contact. You can call, send emails with just a few clicks.

With you 24/7

You will no longer be in the situation where you do not have a business card with you to share.

bkit - Amaizng Soft


Designed to give focus on your app

Call your partner by one single touch on the screen.


Easy way to email your partners. One touch and the email is ready to be sent.


Easy access to your partners' websites.

bkit - features

One touch and your partner contact details are saved in your phone agenda.


You can easily set up a meeting by using the calendar autofill feature.


You will be notified every time your partner's bkit has changed.


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Calea Mosilor 59, 4th floor Bucharest, RO

New features

coming soon...

Easy way to text with your bkits.

Public Profile

You can choose to make your profile public.

Search (PREMIUM)

Easily search for bkit's who are not in your agenda.